Session Information

Shoot Style

My sessions are very relaxed. You can expect to flow from gently posed lifestyle portraits to candid, documentary style. That’s really just a fancy way of saying, my sessions are like hanging out with a friend who randomly tells you to move your hand and smile. I want you comfortable in your skin and in who you are. I ask nosy questions, overshare, laugh at my own jokes, and tell you far too many times how awesome you are – because it’s true. I will happily make a fool of myself if it will help you feel like you can let your guard down and gives me a chance to capture the raw, unique beauty that is you. You can bring any props that are true to your life, we can figure it out. There is no location off the table – we can go to the library, your favorite ice cream shop, or Target if that’s where your heart lives – and we both know it is.

I do this work because I find people incredible, I genuinely love meeting people through my camera, exactly where they are in life – being invited in to bear witness moves my heartpart. I don’t love the perfectly styled and curated gallery of life – I like the messy, the silly, and the stoic. I encourage you to breathe, to allow your session (and heck, while we’re at it, your life) to unfold exactly as it needs to. Give yourself permission to embrace the day as it becomes. It’s all better than okay – it is real. 


My session fee is non-refundable and this covers the date of your booking only. The cost is $249 per hour of shooting and you can expect a minimum of 45 images per hour, all available for download in your private online gallery. 

Files & Prints

Professional quality gift & fine art prints are available for purchase through your private gallery. All files are available for download, and you are welcome to share on social media or print through your favorite lab. 


I serve Hastings, MN and the Twin Cities metro. I can help you select a location that is perfect for your style and needs, whether that is a local park, the children’s museum, or your own living room. We always have the option to hop from one location to another to add some variety in, as well. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to location! 


The $249 session fee applies only to sessions with fewer than 6 people. If your group has more than six, please contact me prior to booking so we can determine how much time you need. 


You can bring as many outfit changes as you think you can squeeze in. I recommend no more than 3 outfits per hour. Please just factor in your wardrobe change time when you book your session. For groups, I recommend coordinating outfits, rather than matching. If you need further help planning your wardrobe, contact me! 

Pets & Animals

Animals are always welcome – ideally we will do all animal shots at the beginning or end of the session, and then they can be separated while we complete the session. I’ve worked with just about every animal you can think of, and I love them all! I do not, however, consider animals to be props – I only work with animals who are a part of your life in a meaningful way, not those acquired for the sake of a picture. 

Overtime & Rescheduling

Shoots sometimes wrap up a bit early, and sometimes go a bit long. This all comes down to how the shoots flow and how cooperative the subjects are. It is absolutely ok if we go over – you don’t need to worry or feel rushed, we will wrap up when I know we have the number of shots needed. However, if one of your people just can’t quite get it together (toddlers, I tell ya what) then we can also reschedule. Life happens, we roll with it, that’s the whole point!